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Mahlalela - Letta Mbulu

[ Hugh Masekela Presents the CHISA Years: 1965-1976 ]

South Africa, due to its apartheid troubles, unintentionally exported unquantifiable talents like Letta Mbulu, Bra Hugh, Caiphas and Miriam among a whole generation of other diverse talents. Rather than have another moment of silence for that era, tracks like these tend to make me thank art for being sort of indestructible, informative and frankly for fucking a ninja up sometimes. I for one wouldn’t know of the group Hedzole Soundz out of Ghana who are the musicians on this track. 

Its also mental that a generation later relevant labels like BBE Music would also listen and freak over the sound enough to release the work. And we know BBE got the dope sounds; eg - JDilla, Madlib, 4Hero, Bugs in the Attic, Vikter Duplaix are just some of the magic BBE has hook us up with.

Contributed by Ewetse Khama

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